From Head To Toes (30 Day Smut Challenge)

From Head To Toes (30 Day Smut Challenge)

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kya / blue By agender Updated Feb 02, 2017

Frerard 30-Day Smut Challenge

quite self-explainatory.. i promised myself i wouldnt start these, but hey, here i am.
if you know me, you know they arent gonna be posted daily, but hopefully you'll like them!!

vote,comment, check out my other stories, and enjoy!!

i send love and shitty smut,

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elliothmustdie elliothmustdie Nov 18, 2017
no but you could think "quite gay" instead;)))
                              *badum tshhh*
skstyn skstyn Aug 27, 2017
Idk where you would put this but could you do like another game of thrones one bc that was amazing and I love your writing so yeah idk. Also iero twins
JasmineBurnard JasmineBurnard Dec 31, 2017
I read the “he and frank had quickly bonded” and something along this lines of them having a quick fúck
Phoenixtheflyingfxck Phoenixtheflyingfxck Oct 15, 2017
Or if that one is too close to the kitchen one, Gerard is waxing the vintage wooden floors and frank surprises him for working so hard.
Guys it’s fine, it takes a long time to cook pasta, they haven’t been making out that long lmao