From Head To Toes (30 Day Smut Challenge)

From Head To Toes (30 Day Smut Challenge)

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kyara / blue By agender Updated Feb 02

Frerard 30-Day Smut Challenge

quite self-explainatory.. i promised myself i wouldnt start these, but hey, here i am.
if you know me, you know they arent gonna be posted daily, but hopefully you'll like them!!

vote,comment, check out my other stories, and enjoy!!

i send love and shitty smut,

Do you ever wonder how many people are masturbating while reading the smut that you're gonna be reading
"yeah i'm straight but i would totally fcuk another man in the ass"
Okay but that is still pretty far... in 2 hours I can literally get to the other side of my country with the train,,,,
I read 'with a flick of Gerard's nipple' and I think I just died "doing" math
He better accept those fûcking flowers or I will murder him
I have an Uncle Named Daniel...we have the same music taste he's cool