Forged in Fire (The Forgotten series, #2)

Forged in Fire (The Forgotten series, #2)

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Banana Queen By AnnaMLKoski Completed

Book two of The Forgotten series.

Shey Lazera felt she was not destined to have a mate. 

She had been rejected so many times she almost enjoyed the fire, the burning that covered her body. Each wave of fire separating her and her wolf, each wave chipping away at her wolf's spirit until she was barely noticeable anymore, her power diminished. 

She was viewed as weak by the men she was mated to. With her wolf nearly invisible to those around her she was looked down upon as a muddie. A shifter whose wolf hides away from the world in the human side. 

So it comes as a surprise when she trespasses in a territory, fucks up an escape attempt, and gets dragged soaking wet in front of another Alpha, who refuses to reject her like she wants.
Luka Sterling had been forced into the Alpha position after an accident killed his two older brothers and his father. He had taken up the mantle to take it off of his fragile mother but he knew it did not belong to him. 

He was a weak Alpha that had needed constant training just to be ready in case anyone tried to take his position. He was a weak Alpha with no true Beta or mate. He had been rejected once and that had been enough for him to not try again.

So he was more than surprised and more than irritated when members of his patrol drug a half drowned dark haired beauty with green eyes as cold as ice, into his office. He hadn't wanted a mate and his first thought was to reject her until she opened her rosy lips and demanded he do just that.

Her demands sparks something in his wolf and rejecting her is now he last thing he wants and he demands her submission instead.
Shey helps Luka figure out just how much of and Alpha he was meant to be and Luka helps her learn just how much she deserves to be loved. And together they discover that strength isn't everything when it comes to being an Alpha.

calmwolf calmwolf Apr 29
Oh ur description it says 18+
                              Does that mean u recommend it for lint those who are of that age? Or is it ok for a younger audience (such as me) to read it?
Feel as thought I should just refer people to your forward every time they are like "Why did they do that?!" lol I'm pretty excited to read your story. :-)
How are you not more popular? Your words are so eloquent and mature, especially compared to a lot of the "hot" stories right now. I mean, this is basically an authors note, but it sounds like a very eerie, poetic prologue. You could just make this into a chapter and no one would bat an eye.
calmwolf calmwolf Apr 29
Also is this book a continuation of red ribbons or a book that is related but about different characters
Thank you for the warning! I am now prepared to have my heart pull out :)
... so... this was one of the most well-worded introductions I've ever read. 10/10 would recommend. I loved this.