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« online » septiplier

« online » septiplier

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max (ง'̀-'́)ง By tgxiic Completed

jack is typing...

( trigger warning; attempted suicide & depression )

|| disclaimer: i own nothing and no one but the plot in which I write this story ||

[was formerly titled as 'kik']

M3M3RQU33N3R M3M3RQU33N3R Jul 23, 2016
My best friend got asked for nudes over snapchat, she denied and her and all her friend including my shunned the guy and flipped him off every time we saw him
Ive deleted kik a long asss time ago cause of that. if anyone wants to talk to me ill just give them my phone number (sometimes i dont trust some people and i just give them the john cena phone number or the youve been rejected phone number)
_GlowStix_ _GlowStix_ Oct 16, 2016
Does anyone know where to get the speech bubbles in the cover? Thx
GraciiJackson77 GraciiJackson77 Jul 31, 2016
Someone asked me for nudes over Kik and I sent them a picture of nude high heels
HomeInTheClouds HomeInTheClouds Aug 18, 2016
I got asked for nudes and sent a sphinx cat and typed "look at my bare pussy"
StrawberryQueen13 StrawberryQueen13 Jul 20, 2016
I got kik when I was 13 which was super stupid... I.
                              Scarred. R. I. P strawberry queen