Life with Sirius [Harry Potter]

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FrankieFleur By FrankieFleur Updated 4 years ago
What would have happened if Sirius Black had never gone to Azkaban?
    11 year old Harry lives with his godfather in their apartment near London. He has heard lots about a strange sounding man called Dumbledore, and he absolutely can't wait for his Hogwarts letter. But what else has changed? Is Ron Harry's best friend or is he a red-headed nobody on the train? Is Draco Malfoy a rude pure-blood or an impressive classmate? Find out what would have happened.
Ooh! I've been looking for a fanfiction JUST like this! Please update!!!
Wow...this is a really good idea :) I'm looking forward to reading more!!! Hope you upload soon...
Interesting (alternate) take on Sirius thread of fate within the Potter universe