My Sexy Kidnapper. (BxB)

My Sexy Kidnapper. (BxB)

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Sircutegirl By Sircutegirl Completed

Jack fitzglard is 17 years old kid he have a shitty family that dont even notice him he have A+in all his classes but no one notice him   

Damien Smith is a 20 years old man who kidnapped jack to win his hert❤ but will jack give is hart to this man.

My firs story dont be mean pleas.

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Greeneyez727 Greeneyez727 Mar 11, 2017
Seems nice but really needs work with grammar and punctuation.
Jyugo_Uno_4_Life Jyugo_Uno_4_Life Dec 14, 2017
Maybe the author is asking the gods of timeskips to let them use one?
Vkook_Is_My_Aesethic Vkook_Is_My_Aesethic Dec 08, 2017
Who in there right ducking mind would leave their bedroom window open
olivia7santiago olivia7santiago May 25, 2017
Interesting storyline but horrid grammar, spelling, punctuation, and I don't believe every parent just flat out calls their son a fag momentarily after the other does. Maybe sometimes...but that's not the case
Vkook_Is_My_Aesethic Vkook_Is_My_Aesethic Dec 08, 2017
Are you English?
                              Because I don’t think people brush their teeth
dolphin300 dolphin300 Nov 22, 2016
Why did he leave the window open?? And I feel sorry for this guy being abused by his parents!? Ur doing a really great job on the story so far I really like it!   ^.^