My Sexy Kidnapper. (BxB)

My Sexy Kidnapper. (BxB)

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Sircutegirl By Sircutegirl Completed

Jack fitzglard is 17 years old kid he have a shitty family that dont even notice him he have A+in all his classes but no one notice him   

Damien Smith is a 20 years old man who kidnapped jack to win his hert❤ but will jack give is hart to this man.

My firs story dont be mean pleas.

dolphin300 dolphin300 Nov 22, 2016
Why did he leave the window open?? And I feel sorry for this guy being abused by his parents!? Ur doing a really great job on the story so far I really like it!   ^.^
Emobun Emobun Jan 11
I'm not gonna be mean since it's your first story but just when your about to publish the chapters do a spelling check that's what I do and it sometimes helps me but other than the spelling I really like this story
nycsbeloved nycsbeloved Nov 18, 2016
why cant people just have happy lives that die, not have bad lives that are taken. Say he lives with his grandparent or by himself, that way hes taken away from nothing,
anothercrazyalien anothercrazyalien Jan 26, 2016
Jack's so cute! *the feels* I'm so excited about this book *fan girl screams*