Disfiguration //s.m.//

Disfiguration //s.m.//

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rebecca By shawnlikesmuffins Updated Jul 24

NOTE: I took this story idea from someone else I don't know if they wanted it like wonder so please don't leave negative comments. 

School has sucked so far.

Girls laugh.

Boys whisper.

Teachers act awkwardly.

And now I'm here eating dreadfully at a lunch table. Alone. Yup, I'm definitely going back to homeschool.

"Hello," says a cute boy, as he sits besides me, "I am Shawn."


in which a girl is trying to figure herself out, despite her facial disfiguration, alongside with her possibly more than friend, Shawn.


universxl universxl Jul 12
And it's a gosh darn blessing you are bc then you can change the world
annapotterhead annapotterhead Aug 28, 2016
I love how Joe Sugg is on the cover of this book, but the story is about Shawn. Two of my favs in one place, gurl, You know I won't complain.
sighjennn sighjennn Jan 28
The fact that Shawn is actually this nice brings me to tears
- - Dec 26, 2016
This sentence just made me love Shawn so much more ❤❤❤
skizzzle skizzzle Feb 26
Such a good plot. I love the way Shawn is perfect even in books
pugtato_ pugtato_ Jan 01, 2016
Aw you had to type the whole thing :( lol that must've taken forever but HAPPY NEW YEAR!