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Matthias' Sister (Markiplier x Reader)

Matthias' Sister (Markiplier x Reader)

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Kat By RandomFandoms821 Updated Jun 22, 2016

No one really knew that Matthias had another sister, as you never really wanted to appear on camera. When Matthias invites you over to watch him make challenge videos at his new house with his friends. One of them happens to be Markiplier.

TylerJosephsTrueLove TylerJosephsTrueLove Nov 04, 2016
I only came because Matthias was included so umm SCREW THE HUMAN WHO I WILL SOON BE IN LOVE WITH
TheAllAround TheAllAround Jul 06, 2016
Based on my boyfriends reaction, it does. (What? He gives zero fücks. I'll read if I want to.)
notjensen notjensen Jul 05, 2016
People who don't know about Kids With Problems are gonna be confused 😂
TylerJosephsTrueLove TylerJosephsTrueLove Nov 04, 2016
People say my name is pretty a lot but I mean Kennedy isn't pretty it's crappy LIKE BRUH!
I "was" strong? What happened? Did my muscles magically shrink? o-o
KadejahSenpai KadejahSenpai Jun 23, 2016
Is it weird, I'm a girl and I kinda want to know how it feels