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flying-fandom-angel By flying-fandom-angel Updated Sep 06, 2017

Stiles was surrounded by people with amazing abilities. Predicting death, healing fast, better senses, canines, gods at combat, archery, tracking, controlling electricity, morphing into a giant with their twin and he was just skinny defenceless Stiles. But he hadn't told anyone. He hadn't told them about his dementia or how it was getting worse. He had mood swings, panic attacks, nightmares and the latest one, a voice. A voice in his head. 

Until the accident.

Stiles was driving away, away from it all. He couldn't stand always having someone else protecting him. He didn't know where he was driving to but just that it was away from all of them. The rain was pouring down onto the road as Stiles drove off.

What happens when Stiles crashes his car and someone else finds him, something else finds him?

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onlygayshipsinmydock onlygayshipsinmydock May 22, 2017
Like I'm sorry but I would love to have another voice inside my head but I wouldn't want it cause of like a medical thing
Okay you guys might think I'm a freak but I would love to hear voices in my head and talk to them like stiles..... I'm sorry but its true....
TiganRees TiganRees Feb 14
Say WHAT!? Okay, someone hold me down, that sourwolf is gonna god damn DIE! 😤
AlizaRomaan AlizaRomaan Aug 05, 2017
Nice one Scott. Pure genius. Hey, quick question, if Derek asks you to kill yourself would you? You're a shucking true alpha for shucks sake!
holy-bible holy-bible May 07
Omg theo stiles i know this a bad situation right now but thank you. Thank you for naming your subconscious after my loml theo :)