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Im pregnant with twins from Harry Styles

Im pregnant with twins from Harry Styles

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Your daddy By imgreat_stuppid Completed

Becka is really excited to tell Harry the news about her newly found pregnancy but when she finds him cheating on her, .... again.
she can't stand it anymore so she leaves.
Years later she thinks she will never see him again since he became so famous. But when her four year old gets lost in a crowd of girls ending up in the arms of her daddy she knows she wont be able to be out of it. 
Follow Becka on her life-venture. When she is trapped in a tour with One Direction one of them being the father of her kids. She meets new people, some end up being god friends, others don't.

My mom will probably keep me till I give birth,keep the baby and kick me out.(that's what she said)
lexykon lexykon Aug 05, 2016
I'm 15 ....a single year younger! I can't imagine that sry I'll pretend she's 18 :)
Real_Payne_Train Real_Payne_Train Aug 24, 2016
You just need someone to stick ur hairy weeny in so stfu styles
littlemiss26 littlemiss26 Sep 10, 2016
At 16 U already live together then theres me 16 and i still cant go to sa fuckingg sleep over
PuffTheMagicHoran PuffTheMagicHoran Aug 15, 2016
But baby don't get it twisted you were just another nigga on a hit list tryna fix your inner issues with a bad bïtch....oooohh you needed me......LMAOOO IM GOING TO HELL FOR LAUGHING AT THIS
GamerPhanGirl101 GamerPhanGirl101 Jul 17, 2016
It sounded like her bf was 2 years old 😂😂😂😂😂😂