Nutella: A Septiplier Smut

Nutella: A Septiplier Smut

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june & wilfred By nut-my-ella Completed

Hello fellow Septiplier trash!

Here is a love story between two passionate Nutella lovers.

Warning: This story does contain graphic depictions of sexuality, strong language, and/or other mature themes. Viewer discretion is advised.

Fun fact-
                              If you eat anything before sex, semen will taste like what you ate XD
If mark and jack stopped being the 2012 dan and phil, and this happened, My nose oughtta start its period
ShaeCoding ShaeCoding Jan 05
This actually hasn't changed my love for nutella. So good~~~
I have no comment, minus the fact that i am enhoying reading this 😂 i'm such a bad person.
SMUT but could you please make jack get it up the ass this time! Please and thank you :)
infinite_nightowl infinite_nightowl Dec 28, 2016
This is reminding me too much of the hamster phan fanfic ugh -chills go down spine-