Nutella || Septiplier Smut

Nutella || Septiplier Smut

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Anti Loves You ♡ By glitch-bitch Completed

"If you're the nutella, then I'm the bread. Wanna know why? Because you'll be spreading yourself all over me tonight~"

Note: This story does contain graphic depictions of sexuality, strong language, and/or other mature themes. Don't proceed to read if you don't know about the birds and the bees.

[Cover art by ototobo on Deviantart]

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crinkgumplzs crinkgumplzs Nov 26, 2017
I don't know your livestream yesterday had some pretty kinky parts maaark
fakeantisepticeye fakeantisepticeye Dec 22, 2017
Oh cool
                              I like when Mark's bottom
                              I honestly like both as bottom, but I prefer Mark.
molavia molavia Nov 30, 2017
                              Mark is a Power Bottom!
                              BottomMark FTW!
                              You go get some of that D, Mark 😆
Novanightgirl Novanightgirl Nov 08, 2017
My bag I need for work I lost and look you found it I need to tell my boss
teacher:*hands me math test*
                              me:*answer D every time* I DID IT
                              teacher:you broke child
                              me:you have not seen a thing 
                              teacher:do I even want to
KarelByome90 KarelByome90 Nov 09, 2017
I'm bouncing in my seating, one day hoping this will actually become a video Mark and Jack do. (i'm sorry but I am that kinda trash.)