The Servant: A Jelsa Fanfic

The Servant: A Jelsa Fanfic

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Sophia North By peacelovecats Updated Oct 18

Elsa Arendelle Black is just another girl from the Kingdom of Overland, ruled by none other than King Jack Frost himself. When the Black family can't pay the Overland Tax, Elsa is taken to the palace to work as a servant after a betrayal that sends her world spinning.

Life isn't that easy for the King, either. His past always seems to get in the way, and not to mention, Jack has the additional burden of his powers too. But one special girl might change his world forever.

After Jack chooses Elsa to be his personal servant, everything becomes even more complicated. New discoveries are to be made through every turn, and they'll shape everything.

When Elsa's old father, Pitch Black, shows his true colors and threatens to wage war on Overland, it's up to Jack and Elsa to save their Kingdom. With the help of some friends, they'll have to fight the villains and win the battle. And perhaps they'll find their happily ever afters in each other.

Inspired by His Slave (@FrozenHeart10947)

Jack kinda sounds like a jerk rn considering his cousin is one of his servants
My 13-year-old sister would die right now. When she was four, she had a crush on Eric from The Little Mermaid. When my dad told her she was too young, her exact response was, "But Daddy, I love him!"
It's okay Elsa it's a good thing!!! Nobody wants to have that jerk as a father!
Anything is possible Elsa how rude!! Jk jk she is a bit cray cray lol
Awwww I am sooooo happy you made them a couple in the movie I wanted Wendy to stay then marry Peter!
                              I really need to learn to stretch the story out like you can.