thin walls (are calling me home)

thin walls (are calling me home)

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camila By cami740 Updated Aug 09

Lauren honestly didn't expect so many noise complaints when she joined the police, but if all of them went as well as her first one, she was sure she could handle more. Especially when she couldn't stop running into the girl she kept thinking about.

Or: Lauren is a cop and gets a lot of stupid nicknames, Camila is an actress  with very thin walls and sometimes life takes weird turns, but it's mostly for the best.


PS: This was rated as mature, but I changed it because there's basically only one explicit chapter and I don't wanna lead people on. If I ever add more smut, I may change it back to mature :)

Screamer?! OMG it cant get funnier than this😂😂😂
                              I cant breath...omg u hope my parents dont wake up because im literally screaming in laughter
I told you they were too loud wtf!!😂😂😭😭😂😭😂😭
😂😂Busted wtf. I would have chunked the damn pie at him!!
kylie_dust kylie_dust Jul 19
Lol "for a while" but she answered 7 minutes after. I usually reply like a day after haha
Ewww well i would have licked Laurens fingers if you know what i mean😂😏😏
AllysusChildren AllysusChildren Aug 17, 2016
I've never .... Normally has honestly never even crossed my mind ..... But ..... This is a first. Okay I guess .