thin walls (are calling me home)

thin walls (are calling me home)

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camila By cami740 Updated Jan 02

Lauren honestly didn't expect so many noise complaints when she joined the police, but if all of them went as well as her first one, she was sure she could handle more. Especially when she couldn't stop running into the girl she kept thinking about.

Or: Lauren is a cop and gets a lot of stupid nicknames, Camila is an actress  with very thin walls and sometimes life takes weird turns, but it's mostly for the best.


PS: This was rated as mature, but I changed it because there's basically only one explicit chapter and I don't wanna lead people on. If I ever add more smut, I may change it back to mature :)

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RachaelEddleston RachaelEddleston Dec 24, 2017
I keep a toothbrush in my classroom at work, totally acceptable
Watch it be a tv show, or Camila helping a friend practice for an audition or vise versa
ilovecamrenass ilovecamrenass Dec 31, 2017
Reading reading reading reading reading reading Reading reading reading reading reading reading
                              GIRLFRIEND? Orgasm?
JauBeIIo JauBeIIo Jan 08
I swear my face be like..
                              Bîtch you can't fûck with me I need sumaaah details!
JauBeIIo JauBeIIo Jan 08
Can I get some Swirly swirly shovel to fûck your fesh pleathe thanchu
JauBeIIo JauBeIIo Jan 08
Excuse me. Two months and my period is here and fûck it lah im skipping. Imma ditch this story