Hate can turn into love

Hate can turn into love

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Ya girl Chloe By KpopLover1012 Updated Oct 08

What would you do if the people you work for 24/7 hated your very existence? 19-year-old Yunii works at BigHit entertainment as 1/3 of Kpop group BTS's personal assistants. That sounds like a dream come true, right? Wrong. BTS absolutely despise Yunii, but she has no idea what she did wrong. She gets stuck doing all of the work for them, but they still treat her like dirt. What will happen when she is told that she now has to live with her tormentors? Will BTS learn to like Yunii, or will this take their hatred for her to the next level? 

I did not plagiarize anything in this story. This came from my own mind. If it is similar to another story I am sorry. It is solely coincidence. 

Please do not plagiarize my story. I have worked VERY hard on it.

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storytimez_ storytimez_ Sep 10
I had french for three years and I can't even handle that Bonjour bih 😭
cherritae cherritae Sep 08
Whenever someone says "pale skin" I think of greek yogurt and milk-
MayB_Music MayB_Music Jun 05
Basically my body type but I'm working on them biceps thighs and abs. I'm be a female JIMIN. (Who isn't Korean , doesn't have amazing vocals or dancing skills....but it the thought that counts)  😂
Im not fat....i only have a big belly😂😂but not too big😂
She basically just described me,except for the semi flat stomach,that's a lie
A_Watpaduser A_Watpaduser Dec 22, 2016
You didn't make up the characters, their mothers did. With the help of their Fathers of course