Stolen [The Maze Runner Fanfiction]

Stolen [The Maze Runner Fanfiction]

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The Winter Greenie By lazyoverachiever Completed

Take away everything you've ever known, every face, every place, and every memory. Replace it with empty darkness. Then, add on the pressure of waking up in a strange place, full of people you don't know, and a mystery you don't understand. Could you survive navigating this deadly world and the people who call it home? Can Skylar? 

I couldn't think of anything good to put here the book is better than the description I promise 
(Disclaimer I do not own any of the maze runner characters setting or plot I only own my characters and plot. The rest belong to James Dashner.)

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Haha yess!!! I had a dream, woke up this morning & thought I was still in the dream until I woke up properly lol. 😂😂
- - Feb 18, 2016
I like it! Sort of like other stories I read but I still like it!
EmRose__ EmRose__ Mar 15, 2016
i like how you are very discriptive and its just straight thoughts and feelings for this chapter, it gives a nice inside look at the main character for the start of the book. I really like the first chapters and seeing how different they always are :)
EmRose__ EmRose__ Mar 15, 2016
I like how she seems tough in this part #girlpower :) I like how you are discriptive with your character and focus on thoughts and feelings specifically on the first two chapters.  something that probably anyone would feel like if they were in this situation :)
ErikaIriss ErikaIriss Feb 12, 2016
This is a interesting start, I like your descriptive writing style. Also it's the first in the box story where I saw a character actually doing something instead of just being scared. I really like how you made the box ride your own :)
luvbug_26 luvbug_26 Jan 27, 2016
Gladiator! Glad-iator! Hidden word, the GLADE! 
                              Yes? No? Okay, imma go now;)