Second Best (harry potter)

Second Best (harry potter)

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I'm Britt Granger. Yes the 'know it all' Hermione Granger twin's sister. We look nothing alike she has pale skin, brown eye's light brown hair to her shoulder's, small lip's, medium sized nose she is also slightly curvy and thin while I on the other hand take after my mom I have slightly tanned skin emerald green eye's, blonde hair with purple, blue green and teal tip's that comes 3'' under my breast, full lip's, small nose and a set out chin i have all the right curves and im thin. 

But i'm never good enough anything i do it's just not good enough i'm the smartest witch at Hogwarts'. I am one of the most powerful and skilled witch at Hogwarts'. Yet know one seem's to care there all to worried about the 'golden trio'. Oh well i'm glad im not in Gryffindor im in Ravenclaw and im proud to say i am quidittch captain and the seeker. I take pride in everything I do I help out the professor's I do extra credit. I take more classes then Hermione does. I take excessive defense classes but I also have fun. 

I only do all of this so I can become a great Aura a witch or wizard who chase after dark wizard's. The most dangerous job out there in the wizarding world and I will become one.

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HiraNoir04 HiraNoir04 Dec 19, 2017
Btw it's auror. You should get your facts right. Qould you mind if you would just research first and edit the qrong ones
It took me like five minutes to figure out you meant "absorb". (Not trying to be mean. Just trying to point out my stupidity.)
If she's taking like 16 classes, why wouldn't they give her a time turner? Like Hermione didn't take that many and she got one
I'm seeing my old comment more than a year after I posted it and I'm thinking "old me was smart. STILL 💗 THE WESTING GAME!!!!! 📑
Ailee211 Ailee211 Feb 20, 2017
I....just.....This story gives me a headache. There are many spelling mistakes, not to mention the fact that 'Hermione's sister' has been done a lot. I mean, to each their own, but this story isn't for me.
HeadUpInSpace HeadUpInSpace Oct 27, 2016
Sorry but it's Auror and also Harry became one and he didn't  take tons of classes.