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Shadows of Stars 🌠 |Wielder Chronicles Book I|

Shadows of Stars 🌠 |Wielder Chronicles Book I|

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Kim By KarateChop Completed


"Promise me," he pleaded, his eyes burning into hers. "Promise me that you will walk away. I've seen into your head, into your heart." He sighed. "Oh Stars, I see you. When I'm asleep, when I'm awake, you're there. When the night is its darkest, and its shadows slip into my mind, you're the one that has pulled me back." 


Sealed inside the towering city walls of Acadia, magic users known as Wielders are feared and hunted for the abilities they have been blessed with.  They're living in hiding, terrified of revealing themselves to the Authorities that hunt them.

But while Acadia digs into the earth for the magical stone that weakens the Wielders, they are unaware of the ancient evil, known as Foulings, trapped underneath.  Three young Wielders, scattered across Evaros, have the power to not only end the oppression of innocent Wielders, but also stop the Foulings from repeating a history of chaos and death.

Determined to save her brother, Marina fights to control the ice she manipulates.  Going against her own rules, she makes dangerous deals with a flame from her past.  Adira, imprisoned for powers she has just discovered, gives hope to the others that one day her unique abilities will free them.  She doubts she is the savior they want, when she doesn't even understand the powers she has.  Soren struggles to reconnect with a girl seared into his memories. Controlled by a dark Wielder whose plans put the world in jeopardy, he realizes that the girl might be the key to restoring his humanity.

Against the odds, Marina, Adira and Soren fight for freedom, strength, and love with their lives and their hearts on the line.

/ Fantasy / Romance / Young Adult / 

**First Draft**
**Ranked #10 in Fantasy 8/18/2016**
**Current Cover by @RachelS8766**

Isime9 Isime9 Oct 06, 2016
1. I love your cover 2. Is it just me who's read the date as the 8th of the 18th month 2016
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Really appreciate that you do. Even to the silly comments. ESPECIALLY the silly ones. XD 
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The adds aren't even that bad, idk why people don't take a few seconds out of their lives to watch them...
                              Anyway, congrats!
whiteseok whiteseok Oct 06, 2016
Woohoo! I'm the first to vote and to comment! This is an achievement!!
Just looking at the book cover,I bet this story is wonderful. :D :D :D