Astronomically Destined | SIRIUS BLACK

Astronomically Destined | SIRIUS BLACK

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From the very beginning, Auriga Cepheus Nott was destined to follow Lord Voldemort.

She came from a pure-blood family; its members all of whom married their distant cousins to keep their blood pure. Many of them had become Death Eaters. When they looked to someone to guide them, the Dark Lord was there, preaching blood purity and murdering Muggle-borns. Her parents and cousins knelt down before him, practically kissing the very ground he walked on; and Auriga positively hated exactly that.

As she got older, Auriga never missed a chance to let her parents know how much she disagreed with their views. The ideal thing in her mind would've been if her parents had disowned her as many other pure-blood families did when their children were blood traitors, but as she was their only child, they clung onto her and only tried harder to force her into serving the Dark Lord.

Then someone came to her life; someone who both ruined it and fixed it all at once: Sirius Orion Black.

Under normal circumstances, they would've been perfect. After all, they were both pure-bloods. Both of their families surely would've accepted them together. It was, however, a complicated situation for Auriga, because she'd been completely determined never to be with a pure-blood just to go against her parents' wishes.

But things sometimes have a strange way of working out. Sometimes stars shoot across the sky at just the right time to grant wishes when one most needs them.

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Okay but really this girl is me at school. "I don't care if the girl fell off the bench an broke her ankle she was sitting in my spot. Besides, no one likes Margaret. That bi-"
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It looks like a great begining! Please keep update more if you can
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Yay an update!!! Please update more often if you can. Also great first chapter!
don't worry Auriga I love ur attitude...well if u hate ppl loving u then i would hide my fangirling!
me going inside the book and giving her a hug! then snapping at her to show i am the same!