Dragon's Curse

Dragon's Curse

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Alice-chan By Lost_Alice Updated Oct 21

After a chaotic day at the guild, Lucy had been feeling weird. The next day was even weirder for her. 

Everyone seemed to not know she existed. 

After trying to speak to them, she gave up and was like that for the longest time. 

Is it to late when the guild is finally out of their trance and notice the blond wizard? 
Will she already be gone? 

What will happen to the light of the guild?

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HAH! TAKE THAT BITCH!!HE LIVEA LUCY*HAHAHAHAHHABAA-*sorry about that your orobaly nice liss
- - Apr 07, 2016
Didn't this happen once for an episode after their 15 year sleep or somethin' but it was because of a potion?
TheFandomAlchemist13 TheFandomAlchemist13 Apr 13, 2016
I sense that this is the result of the foreshadowing from the previous chapter........
TheLadyOfTheStars TheLadyOfTheStars Oct 23, 2016
ljkfbhewmkbh,rgjkbhrglirgj,IM SO MAD AT THEM (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Risky move Lucy. I like that about you. You take risks. 😂😉
_DirtyTrash_ _DirtyTrash_ Oct 01, 2016
*flips over my beautiful bed* IT'S LUCY HEARTFILIA U BAKAS!!!! *Notices that I just flipped my bed and cries while hugging bed* Gomen, gomen!