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Forbidden Love (SnowBarry FanFiction)

Forbidden Love (SnowBarry FanFiction)

57.1K Reads 1.7K Votes 38 Part Story
lauren By foreveroncer Completed

Having both recently embarked on brand new relationships, Barry and Caitlin are both content with their love lives, until both of the friends discover some hidden feelings they have been harbouring for each other, unbeknown to them for a while, so after admitting their true feelings for each other, they both decide to tell their other halves. But, can they both bring themselves to break people they care about hearts? Or, will they embark on a secret romance behind their partners backs?

MrMysticKid MrMysticKid Jan 18
Yes of course this is true! As true as the fact that the moon is made of candy and actually is the biggest planet ever
ImSoWeekeFromPhan ImSoWeekeFromPhan Oct 20, 2016
                              BARRY'S DAD DIES
                              BARRY GETS TRAPPED IN THE SPEEDFORCE
                              JAY IS ACTUALLY HUNTER WHO IS ZOOM
                              JUST GREAT
evil_arrow_regal evil_arrow_regal Jul 06, 2016
I don't like patty or jay cuz they r just getting in the way of thing A.K.A snowbarry
I am literally watching that episode right now!!!! That scene was on like 5 minutes ago!!!!
thegustinleague thegustinleague Dec 30, 2016
Patty had a good personality, and the relationship was cute and all, but it just wasn't meant to be
TheLightningThief265 TheLightningThief265 Aug 18, 2016
-whole of central city turns their heads- Harry: -face palms and walks of-