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Me, my baby sister and 3 bad boys     (Completed )

Me, my baby sister and 3 bad boys (Completed )

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Awesomeness By awesomebeastess Completed

Ava Williams is raising her 3 yr old sister Emily, she had abusive parents but she didn't want anything to happen to her baby sister 

Ava started  school again and on her first day she met the notorious bad boys , they all take an interest in Ava since she doesn't 'swoon' them like other girls 

She's basically one of the guys 

James McCarthy is a gang leader, he had a rough past but all that's seems to fade as Ava steps into his life and brings her baby sister to 

James loves Emily and Ava but doesn't want to get them involved into his business 

Love, heartbreak, trust and guns 



The gangleader and skittles 



❤️ thanks you are all amazing human beings

jaki100 jaki100 16 hours ago
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AarmauAndZanemau AarmauAndZanemau Dec 01, 2016
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kenzierae_7 kenzierae_7 Jul 15, 2016
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angel_l_c angel_l_c Aug 10, 2016
I freaking hate them ppl are like omg I wish I had your curves I feel fat with them 😭😡
kemelly542 kemelly542 Sep 22, 2016
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