Vampire Ghoul (Discontinued)

Vampire Ghoul (Discontinued)

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Porcupine By love_yourself_now Completed

Vampire Knight & Tokyo Ghoul Crossover

What if there was another Kuran? Her name is Misaki Kuran, the second oldest and fiancé of Kaname. When Rido attacked, her mother turned both her sister and herself into humans to protect them. 
Unlike her sister, she gets teleported to a woods near Tokyo. She has no memory about her past and gets attacked by a ghoul. She is saved and follows the man who had saved her. But that was a mistake. 

The man made her his test subject and had put ghoul organs into her body creating the first ever artificial ghoul hybrid. She manages to escape and is rescued by Ryouko, Hinami's mother. Follow along her journey helping Kaneki, a new half ghoul, be able to blend with the humans. And maybe be able to reunite with her real family. 

[ Discontinued ]
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