In The Band...Now What Do I Do?

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Saraheve By Saraheve Updated 4 years ago
Jenny Dikestar, a young teen who's fearless and cares about nobody...or so she thinks. Dressed head to toe in black, she cuts school and finds a band audition for the role of a singer and guitarist. 
    Meeting the band, 4 incredibly hot guys. After fighting constantly with them over opinions they find their one and true enemy: Scott's Step Mother. 
    Now, she has a larger mission than fighting the guys and handling the guys, destroying Scott's Step Mother one way or another. On top of all this, they have to avoid Mark Bryans, a stalker who wants Jenny for himself as a lover. Will Jennifer ever be able to get through this with Scott, or will she be destroyed in the midst of the game of love and music?
                                    Tawtie means Booth At Micky D's now. ouo
I do plan on reading into the book more but its just not totally hooking me. Its to normal. Jazz it up a bit!
@Saraheve Why thank you! I like the way you headed your sentences instead of paragraphs.
Love it!<3 I realllly need your permission for me to share this story to my class. See, I'm still in middle school, so I need a story that's apropiate for people the age of 12, 11, and 10. May I borrow? I will give full credit. My teacher will love your story. And so will my class!
@SaraheveI think your a very talented writter. 
                                    Keep up the good work (:
Great story
                                    Would you mind reading mine?
                                    The double life of a Hollywood superstar