Human |B.Barnes x Reader|

Human |B.Barnes x Reader|

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Thighs of Betrayal By BBuchananBarnes Completed

You are human, I can feel your heart beating beneath my fingers.

Soulmate AU

Where numbers on your wrist count down to when you meet your soulmate

Wtf what amazing parents to help and support you when you have punched a bitch in the face, you go girls parents
eunyx_ eunyx_ Aug 10
seb in that hairstyle just makes me wanna curl up in a fetal position and cry over the fact that he's almost 20 years older than me good lord
IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! DUN NA NA NA NA! NA NA NA NA NAA! *gets punched in the face*
Oh god what if Sebastian found out about fanfic, and read some of it, and not even the great stuff where its all cute and serious and shiz but all horndog shiz, wow, okay me and my thoughts are running away again
my breathe hitched and I think I forgot how to breathe for 10 seconds
So this is like based in the time were in right, o just need to make sure I believe it is but I can't trust myself