Random Danganronpa Oneshots

Random Danganronpa Oneshots

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Case 3 killed me By OpalOcean Updated 3 days ago

Look at that title.

Do you see a description in it?

I hope you did, as I'm not going into detail.

Have fun.

We have cookies.

SirRose62 SirRose62 Dec 19, 2016
Hahaha. Well it a good thing you aren't getting in trouble for being inside a trash can! So much for living in one for me! ;'/
FTanimelover FTanimelover Aug 20, 2016
So you know the end of danganronpa 2 right? Anyway you know how the people that died are not likely to wake up IRL. But nagito is the SHSL luckster so he probably wake up but just imagine how he wakes up. Bagels!!!!!!!!
aw69714 aw69714 Dec 02, 2016
No no reader-chan he doesn't like bagels....he likes hope bagels....there's a difference I swear
SaikoArt SaikoArt Nov 25, 2016
You know what, Komaeda?
                              You're in love with trash too, then
mondokin mondokin Oct 11, 2016
                              Why are they even reading this story if the are anti-gay? There's a lot of gay ships and moments in Danganronpa.