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A Boy's Dream

A Boy's Dream

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Loru321 By Loru321 Updated Apr 18

Jiraiya decided that he would be visiting Konoha soon. When he heard of the death of his student, Minato, he couldn't bear to go back. But he had to. He knew that Minato had a child. He wanted to see how the child was doing. He was his godfather after all. However, Jiraiya didn't think that his student's son would be so hated and neglected. So he decided that he take the boy with him. This is the story of a boy named Naruto Uzumaki and his dream.

Really you, HIS GODFATHER, too a couple of years to check up in him!!!!!!!!! You are now in the level of Sirius Black you're both terrible godfathers!!!!!
-Mystic-Night- -Mystic-Night- Aug 04, 2016
Oh I have that heart clenching moment where I KNOW something bad is going to happen either Jiraiya or Naru dies
Shadowpelt1028 Shadowpelt1028 Aug 27, 2016
He's not alright. He's as far from alright as anyone could possibly be!
-Mystic-Night- -Mystic-Night- Aug 04, 2016
He guilt trips himself for what happened and decides it's better if he won't talk since 'monsters' aren't suppose to talk
Mizuha-chan Mizuha-chan Apr 21, 2016
jiraya will probs take Naruto regardless of what the council says