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Victoria Lennon By victorialennon Updated Dec 01, 2016

"What's your name?" I asked nervously.
"Now you want to know my name?" He teased.
"Just forget it." I quickly said.
"Greyson." He answered.
"Uh-hu." I can feel his eyes, watching me. Then i realised that i was only wearing his white shirt and underwear, no bra. And i didn't realised how sheer this shirt was, until now. 
"Stop looking at me!" I snap while quietly folding my arms in front of my chest. Trying to cover as much as i could
His face suddenly changed. His eyes looked darker, or maybe i was just not thinking straight. "You don't have the right to say that to me. I own you, remember?" He said, sounded slightly irritated with my words.
I narrowed my eyes, getting offended. "No one owns me! I am my own person. 500.000 dollar that your father spent on the auction doesn't mean anything to me!" I said angrily but still keeping myself calm.
He smirked and bringing his face closer to mine and we were just inches away from each other. "You know what, i was just this close of breaking my words for not touching you last night when i saw you dressed like that, sleeping on my bed. What should i do with you now?" He slowly pulled on the collar of my shirt. I feel myself blushing from his words. I quickly looked down and pulled myself away from his reach.

Note: There will be mature contents in this story. Read at your own risk.

1anon37 1anon37 Aug 12, 2016
When I read the words "not tonight" I actually had a shiver down my spine. Never had that from reading anything in a book before