Sting x Reader [ Chased by The LIGHT ]

Sting x Reader [ Chased by The LIGHT ]

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Horaemia Pseudo-Avenir  Moiraie Le Minerva By HoraemiaPseudoAvenir Updated Aug 09

You are a participant at the Grand Magic Games held on Crocus, representing your guild, Fairy Tail. You, Natsu and the others only have one goal and it is to take back the name of the guild back to its proper spot (FIRST PLACE OF COURSE) but there are unexpected things that happened when you were there---- You were just SO LUCKY to meet this arrogant/good-for-nothing/ cocky/two headed pitch fork guy named STING EUCLIFFE. 

You wanted to rip him off to pieces or just simply obliterate him because of his gasconade attitude and he always annoys you like sh*t because he chases you.

But as time goes by you came to realize something----SOMETHING THAT YOU CANT EVEN EXPRESS OR PUT INTO WORDS..

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I don't get it. Most of the comments here say that there's something dirty minded about the sentence. I keep re-reading but there's literally NONE!🤔🤔🤔🤔
Eff is a letter in French which is 'f', oh and plus, I am a tsundere. ;D
mwisrox mwisrox May 08
                              I bet you author made this line a bit... inappropriate for readers to.... JKJK.😂😂😂
When i red the 1sr line i was like WHATTT when i red the 2nd paragraph i was like WELL THAT SOUNDED DIRTIER IN MY MIND?!
Totally thinking about trains *cough*
                              *goes hide in a corner*
I feel bad reading this.. I LOVE ROGUE KUN BETTER! But Sting is also hot! >_< WAT SHALL I DO!?