The Nerd In Disguise

The Nerd In Disguise

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SuiteWengYi By SuiteWengYi Updated Nov 08, 2016

What if I told you being Royal was actually...quite funny?


Kana Sakamoto. She's your typical nerd - straight-A student, wears huge black-rimmed glasses, unpopular and bullied by the school. However, what if that wasn't her true identity? In truth, she's Kana Shibasaki, President of the Shibasaki Group,  a very beautiful woman, the most powerful and richest person in the world and also the Empress of Arendellia.

Follow Kana on her journey of keeping her real identity under wraps, dealing with her hyper family, keeping snobs at bay and keeping her life together.

(This story is set in my own fictional world. Please do not steal my work or do funny stuff with my work without asking. Thank you! :) )

Tendriles Tendriles Aug 11
One day, you'll end up working for a nerd. You better start respecting them now.
namjooonin namjooonin Apr 04
Is it just me or does it sound like Arendale from Frozen😧
Tendriles Tendriles Aug 11
Don't insult zebras like that... they are definitely way smarter than Desmond. You should compare him to a speck of dirt or a bit of dust.
Tendriles Tendriles Aug 11
But I thought you were "heaving from the pain in your stomach"
Tendriles Tendriles Aug 11
I gave a family the nickname of the "flower family" because their last name means "flower" in Spanish.
sweet_05jc sweet_05jc May 12, 2016
If it is ur 1st story believed its amazing. I barely not recognized errors.