Shitmate || Yoongi

Shitmate || Yoongi

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❝ Ms. Jang from now on your new seatmate will be Min Yoongi. ❞

Great. Just great. Can I curse already? Yes? 'Cause fuck Yoongi, that bastard is my enemy.

New seatmate? More like shitmate.


inspired by a lot of tumblr stuffs

Started: 2/26/16
Ended: idfk yet


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91HOES 91HOES May 14
4 out of 7 of my teachers don't give a shít about where we sit
-badtzmaru -badtzmaru Apr 08
Trashcans are better than being seated next to a whiny bitch. Xd
@ some people at my school when they """""""roast""""""" someone
flacayarely flacayarely Apr 13
this reminds me of a girl in my class we all hate her because she always tells on us
Girl hush, y'all gonna end up freaking by the end of this book.
This is me
                              This is also the reason why I got fired from working at a daycare