My Life As An Escort (The Beginning) Book 1 ~ (Completed)✅.

My Life As An Escort (The Beginning) Book 1 ~ (Completed)✅.

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(As of 3/10/2017 will be undergoing major editing)

This story takes you on a journey of Cadence "Suga" Montgomery's life as she takes on the responsibility of caring for her twin sisters, Ashley and Olivia after their parents die. Unable to afford even the necessities of a roof to live under or food she takes a temporary job to work for the well renowned Madame Lilly Monroe as a maid. On her first day there she is given an opportunity to go back to school and provide for her sisters and herself as an Escort.  Along the way emotional attachments are made, bonds are formed and the simple rules she were given are now thrown out the window. The question now is will she be able to get her life back on track and will she be able to find the happiness she wants and desires? Some scenes may not be appropriate for people under 18 years old. This is an interracial romance.   There are private chapters so you must fan in order to read.

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untoldfables untoldfables Aug 19, 2017
She is so blessed to not have to pay back loans. I'll be swimming up to my neck by the time I get my Bachelor's, never mind the fact that I'm not stopping until I get my PhD 😭. I'm so tired of school and so tired of spending money and having to owe it.
untoldfables untoldfables Aug 19, 2017
😂😂 this is a really sad situation, but this line made me laugh. I feel bad 😭
untoldfables untoldfables Aug 19, 2017
The inside of those houses are so beautiful. Reading this entire thing makes me want go back to New Orleans again😭
heabrook heabrook Aug 11, 2017
2002 Baylor graduate right here! I'm so stoked to read this book right now! Sic 'me!
untoldfables untoldfables Aug 19, 2017
I'm loving this so far and looking forward to reading more. This is definitely an interesting read, and I can tell that there is more to Cadence than what meets the eye.
itz_tasha_ itz_tasha_ Mar 12
Soo all these rules are meant to rule her life.....lets see wat the turns out r gonna be🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓