Thorns Of A Rose (Daredevil)

Thorns Of A Rose (Daredevil)

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Jinx By jinx1996 Updated Jul 02, 2017

"This is what I am. You can take it or leave it... but if you leave it then do not call me a Judas for you turned first. You wear the mask, you're the devil of Hell's Kitchen... but I'm the fire and without the flame Hell is just a black hole and the Devil a king with nothing to his name."

Behind the royal red petals
Hidden among the deep green leaves
Through the intoxicating fragrance

Behind the royal red lips
Hidden among the deep green eyes
Through the intoxicating perfume

You will discover what you wish you hadn't
You will discover the thorns of the rose
And they, you will discover, cut deep

The red is blood, ruthlessness and lust
The green is indifference, fearlessness and greed
The scent is that of sin

I do not own Daredevil or its characters, only my own and any plot line that was not depicted in the show.

I am Australian so beware of some different spelling or phrases.

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