Dream Catcher [A Set It Off FanFic]

Dream Catcher [A Set It Off FanFic]

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Although Gabriella wasn't always allowed to do what others normally did, she was allowed this one thing. She to go out to her first concert, she never thought she'd see the day her mother would actually allow her to do anymore more than keep her nose in her books. Gabby loved her school work, but what she loved more was freedom, which she wasn't always allowed. Between her 3.8 GPA and being in the marching band she never had time to ask her mother to go out. That was until her best friend text her about going to a concert, after that day, everything would change.

Set It Off is in fact a real band, as well as each of the members, Cody Carson, Maxx Danziger, Austin Kerr, Dan Clermont, Zach DeWall, and their tour manager Andrew Cramb.

Set It Off is a great band with a lovely orchestral feel to their music styles. You can find their music on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube. Set It Off's whole discography is avaible via iTunes.

Facebook - www.facebook.com/setitoffband
Instagram - www.instagram.com/setitoffband
Twitter - www.twitter.com/setitoff
Tumblr - www.setitoffband.tumblr.com
YouTube - www.youtube.com/setitoffband

Also here is a link to their merchnow page.
MerchNow - www.setitoff.merchnow.com/
District Line - www.districtlines.com/Set-It-Off

NikifuckingKatsudone NikifuckingKatsudone Aug 10, 2016
oh gawd yes life goals I always wanted a set it off fanfic :3
ofmayhem ofmayhem Apr 11, 2015
yayy I needed a set it off fanfic! I saw them on March 24th, and it was greatttt
MatthewKirklandCX MatthewKirklandCX Mar 15, 2015
Can I just say that Set It Off is my all time favorite and you are totally my spirit animal
peachjunhui peachjunhui Nov 24, 2014
SIO are really great people! Ive met them twice, and yea, a SIO fanfic was necessary, haha.
KatyNicole143 KatyNicole143 Jul 20, 2013
@AylaTheNerd I seriously hope you love it. I absolutely loved writing this story, I felt a SIO fanfic was necessary. :)
CynicalGoddess CynicalGoddess Jul 20, 2013
Honestly, haven't read it yet but I love Set It Off and I will read this... I am like completely flipping out here!! :D