Heart's Desire

Heart's Desire

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Tee By TeeMinaj_ Updated Aug 05

It's been 10 years since Robert, known as his street name Meek, went to prison for Murder. 

Onika, better known as Nicki, stuck by his side, accepting calls, writing letters, visiting him. But when he stop responding, Nicki had no choice but to move on with her life.

Now Meek is back home after being released early for good behavior and is on a quest to make Nicki his again.

As easy as that sounds, Nicki doesn't know everything about the night Meek killed that boy and has million of questions. On top of that, Meek doesn't know Nicki's big secret while he was away.

Will their dirt ever come to the light and what happens if it does? Will they make it through? Or will they move on from each other for good?

myrulemyway myrulemyway Apr 11
Idk y i was shocked even tho it was in the description😥😪
Im thinking her secret is she lost her virginity to somebody else and some other ish
ghiana114 ghiana114 Apr 01
Mommy ...really nigga ur grown ass calling ur mother mommy like ur fucing two
DeeRoss4 DeeRoss4 Feb 17
Even my bae not there?! Oh Jesus, somebody send a search party
O nah he better see that baby picture make sure "she" ain't tryna finess him
This book is amazingggg please update I'm in love with book honestly