key to crisis • tronnor au

key to crisis • tronnor au

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Raedon By TroyeTheSpiritAnimal Completed

Sometimes happiness isn't the only thing worth fighting for. 


My love has always been locked away
Somewhere deep down 
All I needed was someone to set me free
But with me the lock and you the key
We only seem to find crisis.


Self harm 


Currently an ongoing series, only ten to fifteen chapters from the end.


Artwork by polaroiddreams on Instagram

sshoIe sshoIe Jun 06
rereading this fic because im in love with it LIKE ITS SO UNDERRATED
This wasn't bad at all! This is way better than when I started writing. 😅
Is the thing "sometimes happiness isn't the only thing worth fighting for" referencing a Lilly Singh quote???
brokenvinyl brokenvinyl Sep 03
i read this agessssss ago and imma reread I need to mentally prepare myself tho k brb
foolsxtroye foolsxtroye Sep 26
Lock and key.. you have to put the key in the lock 😏😏😂
RedBierd RedBierd Jul 12
I'm reading this because I drank coffee tonight and can't sleep. Well done. I'm excited for this! :D