Every God's Nightmare Pt. 2 (A Noragami: Aragoto Fan Fiction)

Every God's Nightmare Pt. 2 (A Noragami: Aragoto Fan Fiction)

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Cloey Palmer By H-i-y-o-r-i Updated Oct 14

It's been almost four years since Nora tried to take revenge on Yato. Yukine is now a Blessed Vessel, Yato is in better terms with Bishamon, and Hiyori has decided to keep her ties with the one god she loves.

But now, a new problem arises. With a child of their very own running around the Far Shore, Yato and Hiyori have to worry about keeping their small, secret family safe from danger. 

(Note: You do NOT need to read my first Noragami fan fiction to be able to read this one. Plot takes place after the second season of Noragami, Aragoto. References from the manga. Mostly about Yatori. Artwork by the amazing Skyheaven1231!)

H-i-y-o-r-i H-i-y-o-r-i Jan 11
^^ I know! Can't resist an adorable kid! This chapter was basically here to show what Koji is like and how he acts around everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Next chapter will be out Saturday! ;)
Awww, this chapter is so adorable especially Koji.  I loved it.  It touched my heart ^_^.  I can imagine the scene.  Its really beautiful.  Keep it up!!  I'll be looking forward to your next wonderful chapter ^_^
I actually needed to think hard about that sentence, because I didn't expect that she would mean THIS xD So by first time reading I didn't get it 'xD
H-i-y-o-r-i H-i-y-o-r-i Jan 06
^^ Yes, it actually happened. Stay tooned for chapter 2 on Sunday!
Wow!  I didn't expect they would have a child so soon.  Did they actually do that?  XD Speechless xD.