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The Terran Playboys: Slaine x Reader x Inaho (Aldnoah.Zero Fanfiction)

The Terran Playboys: Slaine x Reader x Inaho (Aldnoah.Zero Fanfiction)

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h°soul By HarmonySoul Updated May 17

    Two boys, and one girl. Will they succeed or will it be her who succeeds? 
    Welcome to Shinawara High School. Just your typical high school with jocks, cheerleaders, band geeks, nerds, you name it...and not to mention, kataphrakts. But that's totally normal right? 
    Meet (Y/n) (L/n), a fourth year student, one of the school's biggest band geeks, a smart girl with an outgoing personality. She can be quite bubbly, but also quite vicious at the same time. 
    Meet Inaho Kaizuka and Slaine Troyard, the school's playboys.The girls are all head over heels for these two. But both boys are on different playing levels. 
    Inaho, a third year, seems to pull the girls in with his stoic expression which makes girls try even harder to please him and that's exactly how he likes it. 
    Slaine Troyard, a fourth year, is  great manipulator and liar and has a way with the girls. The opposite of Inaho's strategies.
    The two compete to win (Y/n) as prize, but she's different. And it's not the cliche kind of different many would suspect.
  "I'm not any other girl."

HolyGrail75 HolyGrail75 May 20
I wanted to be in band but I'm in choir but if I had to choose an instrument it would be a violin or a clarinet
That is actually true. I am First chair and very skilled. 
                              Author~Chan is a mind reader
NaturallyRoseRed NaturallyRoseRed Sep 10, 2016
Trumpets, like my favorite anime story on wattpad/ your other Aldnoah.Zero story, 'No Emotions Attached'. Basically, the best Aldnoah.Zero story ever. It had my crying in the end.
scarletbutterscotch scarletbutterscotch Jun 24, 2016
Everyday a little death for day I die everyday a little death and still I know not why
Woah, woah, woah, woah. Hold up. You sayin that people who dont like band/orchestra geeks are welcome? No. I will not except it. It's time for a revolution my friends, the band geeks shall take over the world!
I play the clarinet, but I want to join beginning band again so I can play the trumpet