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Cold Heart - Book One | #WATTYS2016

Cold Heart - Book One | #WATTYS2016

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eleanor By eleanor_lm Completed

❝He didn't say anything, just stared. A malicious glint came to his eyes. "Rey, I did not think you could be this foolish. I am years older than you, physically and mentally. How could I ever fall for a Jedi? I am stronger that that." This was what he reiterated in his head every day, every second he thought about her. But she was right indeed. He did like her. It seemed like an understatement almost. He needed her. Every second that Rey wasn't with him felt like torture. He couldn't let her know that. He also desperately clung to the darkness. His darkness was what fueled him and what kept him going. He couldn't possibly give that up.
  The girl was a conundrum. 
 "Liar," Rey whispered. She crossed the distance between them. Now, they were only a few inches apart, separated by the bars of the cell.
 "You're right," he smiled. Yet again, it didn't reach his eyes. Rey was right. He could barely stand to be someone he wasn't. But his past called for him. "I am a liar. A manipulative beast." He reached out and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear. "You would do well to stay away."
  She stepped back. She had felt a jolt of something when he touched her. Like she was being set on fire, but she loved it. 
  "St- Stay away from me," she stuttered. Never in her life had she been terrified of herself this much. 
  He frowned. "You don't like this, little padawan?"
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empyrean- empyrean- Feb 08
Oh, well imagine
                              As I'm pacing the pews in a church corridor
                              And I can't help but to hear
                              No, I can't help but to hear an exchanging of words
BookyBeatle BookyBeatle Aug 25, 2016
Stormpilot!i literally JUST got into these Fanfics 4 hours ago and I ship them already.
reyloscum reyloscum May 04, 2016
I loved the playlist I wish I could read when listening but I listen to the lyrics and it's impossible to read haha 😂😂
lemon-moon lemon-moon Mar 20, 2016
P!ATD YAHS actually if you ever want some Reylo songs from them listen to Nicotine, Casual Affair, and Far to Young to Die
ifallupthestairs ifallupthestairs Dec 30, 2016
We all have light and dark inside of us but it's what we choose to act upon that matters -Sirius Black
ifallupthestairs ifallupthestairs Dec 30, 2016
Yassssssss, also I don't get why the ship isn't called Poefinn, like Puffin, it's just way cuter