Yes, Miss Hernandez (Ally/You)

Yes, Miss Hernandez (Ally/You)

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Miss Hernandez/You: 

Starting your senior was exciting enough as it is. Your best friend, Lauren, had been away all summer long, and you were excited to see her on the first day of school. She had a new girlfriend who was transferring to their high school; her name was Camila. You were excited to meet her. 

Dinah, your other friend, was away on tour for the best six months and was coming home to finish her senior year. You were really excited to see her since its been so long. 

The first day arrives and there's news of a new teacher; which Miss Hernandez had appeared on your schedule for two of your classes- home room and English. 

What happens when you get involved with this new, sexy, young teacher?

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xXJauregay277 xXJauregay277 Dec 10, 2017
when you read soo many umm books then you read that as cum...
Camzi_Laurenzi Camzi_Laurenzi Mar 09, 2017
My teacher says shut up all the time and today he said damn it sit down and shut up but he's a cool teacher
I mean the only reason I'd ever wear a dress is so I can sing "Only bought this dress so you could take it off"
HollowWolves HollowWolves Apr 06, 2017
Theonly good food at the school I went to was chicken nuggets and the fish fillet
                              Pizza no no
Can't. But there is a way to shut me up if ya know what I mean..*winks*
I'm going to pretend I'm wearing black ripped skinny jeans a white Nike croptop a green bomber jacket and white low cut Converses with a NY cap on and my hair down and naturally straight. My hair will be black to. And I'll have a pair of raybans on too.😎😎😎😎