You're Not The One [JungHope]

You're Not The One [JungHope]

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"....You're not the one, Hana "

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Started: March 2016
Ended: ......

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Shipitfan Shipitfan Mar 27
THANK YOU! you're literally the only one who writes about Junghope! I ship them what's weird because others doesn't ship them art all! XD, but now I'm so happy that someone even wrote about them. Saranghae ♡
I don't know why people don't ship them if they kissed eachother in the cheeks twice...they're so adorablebtogether
I know rightttt I started shipping then and I noticed no one ever ships then...So I started a fanfic!! For the people that do ship them !
Shipitfan Shipitfan Mar 29
That's good! Because me and my best friends ship them a lot and it sucks that nobody likes them like we do, but I'm so happy that you wrote about them ♡
I'm happy you like my fanfic so far !!! Tysm for not being a silent reader 😘😘