Mori x Reader

Mori x Reader

16.5K Reads 643 Votes 9 Part Story
Ashley By -PropsAndMayhem- Updated Dec 24, 2016

When you came to Ouran Highschool, you noticed a tall, very handsome guy. You had your morning class with him and a couple of others. It takes a while for him to open up a little and not be such an introvert, but eventually, all is well. Takashi Morinozuka.

What is your destiny with Mori?

This FanFiction is all about how you came across Takashi Morinozuka (Mori)

*Cover was made by -MissDreyar-*

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Ouran Academy (not high school) episode 3 points out the difference.
wtf_are_u wtf_are_u Mar 17
Who else agrees that Mori would have just nodded and said "call me Mori"
i have sunglasses that constantly slip down my face, and i always say 'i'm an ootori child'
I'm just gonna pretend I'm wearing the boys uniform with the tie loose and the top button isn't buttoned up and I made the school pants into shorts that go down to my knees
Awesome_Chu Awesome_Chu Jan 06
WHY DID I THINK PERFECT?!?! *Blushes so hardly* It's True though
sebbyswife sebbyswife Aug 20, 2016
I don't think my blue hair would go well with the uniform...