Dusk and Dawn

Dusk and Dawn

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Clara By koalara Updated Oct 04, 2015

❝ In the midst of all this misfortune, dusk and dawn managed to find and unearth life's heart in a café ❞    

Dusk is known as the darker stage of eventide. Nightfall is the time to greet danger. To be capricious, unpredictable. It is hushed into silence and stirs mystery within the approaching darkness. Dusk is an outsider. He prepares to lie awake while everyone begins to fall into perfect slumber. Dusk is darkness.     

Elliot Cliffe is everything that dusk is.     

Dawn is the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise. It replenishes the ending with a new beginning. It is immersed into awakened vividness and listens to the rambling of voices absorb into one continuous hum. She welcomes light with open arms. Dawn is radiant.     

Marli Ramone is everything that dawn is.    

In Cresden, a café becomes the centre of the collision between bitter and sweet coffee.

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someonetwothree someonetwothree Jul 19, 2017
dang!!!! that synopsis tho!!! like im so already hooked. it's so freaking beautiful
stillboy stillboy Dec 09, 2016
Do you know what app this cover was made with? I've been looking for this font since forever and I've downloaded about a million apps in vain because i can't find it …would you be so kind to tell me? (Thanks…)
icedcappuccino icedcappuccino Mar 22, 2015
Hi! I felt the sudden need to write a comment on this 'caffeinated note' because that title on its own was really awesome. I just had to say that. MOVING ON!
httpsolstice httpsolstice Jan 04, 2015
im currently mad on your behalf because in all honesty your writing is so much better than that of some more "popular" wattpad authors and i wish you got more recognition but you dont and ITS SO FRUSTRATING.
thirdwit thirdwit Sep 13, 2014
This already sounds so amazing; your writing IS jaw-dropping.
lightinherveins lightinherveins Aug 08, 2014
Even though I have an eternal reading list here on wattpad (which I haven't even dare to start), this story will DEFINITELY be the first one I'll read. Beautiful analogy of the protagonists!