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! By Silverleaf_23 Completed

Dallon has always been kinda awkward. He didn't really fit in at school, he didn't have any friends. So he decides to try online. This decision will impact his life forever, even if he dosent know it.


This is a Brallon story!


Its_Geesus Its_Geesus Jan 30
"Trust me *kissed Gerard*"          -said almost everyday by me (no regrets)
Sorry_Its_Meg Sorry_Its_Meg Dec 09, 2016
She said she wants to end it all when she's all alone in her room, she cries.
El_Flower El_Flower Jun 15, 2016
My school is lime divergent we have
                              The musical one's/Famous in the future  ( i'm in that group)
                              The stupid one's (most boys)
                              The funny one's (boy-Girls)
                              The cool one's (never me)
                              The mean/retarded (people)
                              And the pissed off one's (everyone left)
QueenLoloTheAwesome QueenLoloTheAwesome Dec 19, 2016
Why don't we all just be friends like in middle school and bake a cake of rainbows and all eat it together?
QueenLoloTheAwesome QueenLoloTheAwesome Dec 19, 2016
Why at people always so stereotypical of religion in fanfic? I'm Lutheran and I am not a homophobic butthole. My Gerard
brallonismylife brallonismylife Jun 05, 2016
Prepare your self dally duck there're some crazy naked people out there