Started With a Bully

Started With a Bully

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✨ Gabbie ✨ By GabriCella12 Updated Jan 19, 2017

Eleanor Denware is as sweet as candy, and the kindest person you could ever meet. Her personality is filled with positivity and sunshine, including how generous she is. Heck, she thinks of 'everybody' before thinking about herself. Just a look at her warming smile could melt a heart, excluding a certain someone. 

Tyler Janson is as sour as a green apple, and the meanest person you could ever meet. His personality is filled with negativity and darkness, including how cruel he is. Heck, he would throw a baby off a cliff just for a cigarette. Just a look at his menacing scowl could scar a soul, especially a certain someone.

Of course they've run across each other's paths a few times. Were they good friends? They actually were. Were they best friends? Hell yes. Did they live for each other's existence? You could put it that way.

The truth is, Eleanor's life isn't as perfect as everybody thinks it is. Sure she smiles everyday, but her smiles hide everything behind it. Being bullied by your old best friend isn't all lollipops and sunshine, especially if his cruel remarks start getting to your head.

Join these two teenagers on their high school adventure through tears and smiles. Will they start to grow a relationship from each other, or will they die enemies? 

The world may never know, because the truth is that their pasts both surround the same person, but who?

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