After Hours

After Hours

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rosemary By mortalmisfortune Updated Jan 06

"Call it fate, or perhaps stupidity, but for a reason unknown I remember the day I met Mr. Ellis in great detail. There was no particular event that stood out to me, the whole ordeal was underwhelming to say the least, but the memory beats inside of me like a second heart, constantly reminding me that trying to forget something may be be worse than simply remembering it."

Eliza Woods is the epitome of your typical high school genius, for her life has always been simple. Her grades have been consistently impeccable, never once even making a B, until Mr. Ellis, her senior year Calculus teacher gives her her first failing grade. It's his first year teaching and it happens to be at Lawson High School, and because of his young age and intimidatingly good looks every student is anticipating his arrival. Brooding and calculated, Mr. Ellis is the talk of the school, but little do they know all is not what it seems when it comes to Mr. Ellis. 

He quickly becomes the most intriguing teacher Eliza has ever had and she is left to face her biggest struggle - choosing between her head, or her heart.  Determined to figure out what she truly wants Eliza attends tutorials after hours with Mr. Ellis and the instant connection and attraction that they feel for one another cannot be denied. As they both fall deeper into their dangerous world of secrets and seduction, it becomes increasingly more difficult to remember what's at stake, and what they both seem to forget is that secrets can't be held forever.

(this book is currently being edited, however is not completed! I will post new chapters regularly whilst notifying you if I have made any changes in the previous chapters.)

Ellatony419 Ellatony419 May 19, 2016
Overall good work, better than some books on here with more readers. Well written and good story so far :)
amandarose amandarose Feb 01, 2016
Sounds like me. Wide blue eyes. Button nose. Looks like a 9 year old. I'm in the twenties and got ID'ed for a 12 film a few months ago haha
Elizabtshoe Elizabtshoe Oct 22, 2016
If my best friend talked to me like that Imma b|tch slap her across the face
Wow that's direct... And I think it's normal to be a virgin with 17
WintersCommander WintersCommander Sep 05, 2016
Seriously if my best friend talked to me like that we would be trading more then just words.
Lillianjon Lillianjon Dec 30, 2015
OH MY GOD!!! I love this!! Please write more!! It's amazing!