Garroth X Reader A Secret Princess (Complete)

Garroth X Reader A Secret Princess (Complete)

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Look out for things like

(F/N) First Name

(L/N) Last Name

(F/C) Favourite colour

(S/F/C) Second Favourite Colour

   You are a princess who escapes your home town because you are forced to marry someone you don't love nor even know just to keep your village safe from war. You find a village who accepts who you are and you later find who actually love but little do you know who he was and what happened in the past. 

Hope you enjoy my first Aphmau (Kinda)
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Aria_Blazze Aria_Blazze Aug 13
Can I have Greg's guitar? No? Steven's ukulele? Please? Garnet?
I mean galaxy hair with a blue streak isn't normal... right?
Let me get this straight. Us and Okasis (I can't spell ok!) Are on the brink of war, and I have to marry someone I'm going to fall in love with later on the story. Welp. My head hurts!
My oc's name is Shadow so does that mean that she is a horse now? XD
Bobbiwithani Bobbiwithani Jun 18, 2016
Omg. This is almost exactly the story of my OC. The horses name, everything so far. You read my mind 0_0
splendidisthebest splendidisthebest Nov 23, 2016
Hmmm war well -gaster blasters- I'm ready to fight don't judge cause I'm a girl