Destined for the pharaoh's son

Destined for the pharaoh's son

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NicoletteBellerose By NicoletteBellerose Updated Dec 31, 2017

One night changed Miriam's whole world. what would you do if you found out the two closest people in your life have been betraying you behind your back?

Miriam wanted to spend her birthday with her boyfriend Connor and her cousin Lauren. Since her parents went to travel Europe togeather and she has no siblings .For Miriam Lauren was always the sister she never had. she couldn't be more excited because today was her birthday. Miriam wanted it to be perfect and special. So she rented a yacht and prepared the dinner her self.

what happens five hours later when everyone had too much to drink and Miriam discovers Connor and Lauren having sex.This didn't break Miriam it only made her stronger but the pain of the betrayal was still there. I
So Miriam did the unexpected and went to Egypt the one place that can give her relief. 
But of course fate hates her and when she visits the Luxor temple Miriam travels back to  1400 BC. Can the goddess of love shine a little blessing Miriam's way?

!Authors Note!
This is the very first book I've written so be aware there will be lack of discription and errors all through this book. This book also is not going to be historically correct. Read at your own risk. This is not going to be the best professionally written book on wattpad. I am an amateur writer! With much love Nicolette😘

  • adventure
  • betrayal
  • danger
  • jealousy
  • love
  • prince
  • romance
  • secrets
  • wealth
kalisi97 kalisi97 Dec 29, 2016
You made it happen all too quickly, you have not described well