Why Septiplier Should Be a Thing

Why Septiplier Should Be a Thing

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These are reasons why Septiplier should be a thing. These reasons are high quality and most likely to be true facts. All of the reasons I give you are from true events that happened between JackSepticEye and Markiplier.

Please note: Now and then, there will be pauses in this book because I will be looking for high quality and true evidence.

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Animalyssa Animalyssa Sep 10, 2016
                              That's how bad we want Septiplier to be a thing. 
                              395,000 people viewed this just because of the title. 😆 
                              Imagine a room filled with that many people
Animu_Otaco Animu_Otaco Aug 22, 2016
In one of their let's plays Mark asks "I'm here waiting, does anyone want to come join me and cuddle?" But then his next word is drowned out by Bob and Wade, but he does say "Jack?"
SeptiishuGirl17 SeptiishuGirl17 Aug 20, 2016
I squeal every time he goes overbroad with the flirtatious remarks. Lol
genocidalManiac genocidalManiac Jul 25, 2016
*sees book*
                              *rolls eyes*
                              *goes directly across the world from you*
                              and they do that for the fans (like you)
Merve-da-emo Merve-da-emo Oct 15, 2016
Mark and Jack playing who's your daddy~
                              Jack: we would make great fathers!
                              Mark: yeah! Together, because septiplier and shît
-HanakoYamada- -HanakoYamada- Oct 14, 2016
Well they both have girlfriends so it can't happen right now.