Secretly Sold

Secretly Sold

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It all started when Selena Minchotti was secretly sold to Justin Bieber as a sex slave by her evil stepmother. Selena finds out that she's been sold to Justin after she signs the papers. It was too late then and she could not go back.

Meet Selena.
A "poor" girl who was raised by her evil step mom after both her parents died. Selena has a half sister (Keyla)  who despises her and likes to make her miserable. 

Meet Justin.
A rich and extremely sexy playboy who never stays with a girl for more than a week. He treats girls like objects and does not give a damn about a girl's feelings.

So what will it be? Does Selena runaway from Justin's house and end up being homeless or stay with him and hope for things to work out?
Enjoy reading the story of Justin and Selena and get inspired by them in this passionate story.
WARNING: This story  contain a strong sexual content and is not intended for all audiences.
All editing credits to sparkiiy

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