I'm Not Able To » NaLu

I'm Not Able To » NaLu

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❤️Queen of Short Chapters❤️ By Mrs-Dragneel Updated May 26, 2017

"The Past is in the Past." What if someone doesn't remember their past? Lucy Heartfillia, suffered a car accident when 11 years old. Her parents died and she went in a coma for 6 years.

After waking up, she finds herself a home and family. Never knowing her past.

Natsu, Lucy's crush, but how does someone know love when they haven't experienced with with a true family?


I don't own Fairy Tail or its Characters, only the plot!

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I get why the title is 'Im not able to' because she's 'not able to' love natsu or date him bc he's her 'brother'
And that is how my life ended, if you're listening to this you're one if the reasons why*13 reasons why* Tape 1 Side A Lucy Heartfilia, Tape 1 Side B Natsu Dragneel and so on
Claudia_Uzumaki Claudia_Uzumaki Jul 21, 2017
I don't go to school just because my friends are there. I go to school because if I don't the chancla will come right at me ya know
No....stop....this can’t be happening to me......I never thought this day would come.....
KinanaMisoTayaki KinanaMisoTayaki Aug 13, 2017
Its normal to have a different middle name from family members.
- - Jun 30, 2016
Why Jude Why Why I WILL KILL U ANYONE anyone wanna team up with me?