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Flames (Book 3)

Flames (Book 3)

19.8K Reads 2.5K Votes 52 Part Story
❄️Queen Saralee❄️ By Strawberry_Cream1928 Completed

Once on Rhena, Viviana and the Glitches meet new allies...and enemies. Tension in the palace grows as the tyrannous Queen Saralee does everything in her power to prevent her daughter's marriage. 
  A three sided battle is coming, and it will shake the very foundations of the Empire. 
  The future belongs to good or evil...or perhaps, someone else entirely.
  Highest Ranking: #27 in Science Fiction

Dagoodtuna Dagoodtuna Aug 18, 2016
How dare they say you are insane Sara! You are worthy to talk to Imperator! Foolish peasants. You best sow up your mouths witn thread..lest Saralee burn them shut.....
tarawkward tarawkward Jul 31, 2016
I can't marry that hideous rodent! this is unfair to me, Mother! Thorel and I will be married, just you wait!
Dragon_Writer993 Dragon_Writer993 Jul 21, 2016
                              I wonder who she got that from
RedReality RedReality Jul 21, 2016
                              How- what- Just... Why? What even- 
                              Just....just argh!
                              I don't approve of this. I feel terrible for catching it, now. I should have known better. This is all my fault. I'm so sorry, Tara!
BritnyStewart BritnyStewart Jul 23, 2016
She actually expects people to take her seriously after pulling shít like this!?? LMFAO!! She has lost her dámn mind!!